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Husky Puppy For Sale Scams: Useful Tips

puppy scam tipsPuppy Buyers Beware

The internet can be a wonderful way to shop for just about any product or service you desire. I been shopping online for years and love the convenience. Yes some of us are getting lazy I admit. My kids shop from their rooms as well but some things are not what they seem. Certain online products or services are huge targets for scam operations. Buying and selling puppies online is no acceptation. Looking around today I have spotted more scams than usual so puppy scams are growing.

I was reminded today of the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true is probably is “. That means more today than it ever has when it comes to online puppy scams. I had been looking over the puppy ads from various sites trying to find a new female Siberian puppy to add to our kennel. I ran across a pic of a male and female husky puppy that were just gorgeous and the best part was they were local. The price was cheap too. So cheap I had to inquire about these pups. I sent an email to ask the basic questions to get things started. This morning I finally got a reply back from the seller. First off I found it odd it took so long to get the reply. Usually a seller would get back to you by the end of the day. Once I opened the email it didn’t take long to know something wasn’t right. They didn’t seem to write with good English structured sentences. That would be very odd indeed. Not that I could pass English 101 but you should be able to make a sentence flow regardless of punctuation or spelling. Here is the reply I received back:

there puppy are all AKC register



Thanks for the message and interest you have in adopting a puppy from

us .We have available 2 puppies going out for adoption to any loving

and caring home (1 males and 1 female). The female is called Momo

while the males is Lary  .Our puppies are healthy, vaccinated

and have pedigree  with AKC registration . They are 12 weeks old and

are sociable puppies

since they love the company of kids, cats ,monkeys and other house

pets . Attached to this email are recent pictures of our puppies .Our

puppies shall be coming with all their health papers , play toys,

feeding manual , brushes, blanket since we shall not be needing those

accessories once they are gone into their new home . The reason we are

giving our puppies out for adoption is because we are moving into a

new apartment were animals are not allowed . In this situation,we are

searching for new homes for the puppies but we are much concerned on

the type of home our puppies go into . In order to adopt a puppy from

us you are required to answer the questions below,


1) How old are you ?

2) Where are you located (state / city ) ?

3) What is your cell phone number ?

4) Are you married ?

5) Do you have kids at home to play with the puppy ?

6) From the pictures we sent ,which of the puppy or puppies are you

interested in getting ?


The reason we ask those questions is to be sure our puppy is going

into a loving and caring home,were he or she shall be spoiled with

lots of love and care .

waiting for your reply soon


Looking over the reply you can easily see what I mean. The other thing about this ad that caught my eye was how professional the picture looked. Most individuals will have very amateurish looking pics of their puppies for sale. Examples may be the pics are too light, or too dark, or even a bit blurry. This scammer at least tries to disguise his efforts of getting your money by looking concerned about the puppies well being by asking you some questions about your family and home. I almost laughed when I read the part about these Siberian huskies loved the company of kids, cats ,monkeys and other housepets . Monkeys in the middle of Alabama? Really? What kind of house are these husky puppies coming from LOL? Also what does being married have to do with anything? Single people make great pet owners too. They love other housepets? Like what an elephant?

If I had replied back (which I didn’t) I am sure I would have been told to send money for shipping. That is usually how it goes. Then they would disappear with the shipping and puppy money.

Here are some useful tips to spot a  puppy scammer

1. Look at the pictures being posted for sale. These scammers steal pictures from real breeder sites and post them in their ads. I usually use google images to see if it shows up at a breeders site if it looks suspicious. If it does look to see if the breeder owns the ad posted on the puppy sale site. They usually leave a link back to their site if they are a breeder. A breeder without a website would be strange. Also make sure it’s not from a free website builder. Some legit breeders use these free sites to build a webpage but it should have more than just a front page to it. Most breeders would have contact info, pics of other puppies, and adult dogs on it. Scammers usually don’t take time to build more than one page to the fake site.

2. Copy and paste parts of the text into google to see where else these exact words show up. If there are several other sites showing up see if they are selling the same dog. A lot of times the scammer is using different pics of different breeds of dogs to catch more victims. It may be a Siberian husky on one site while they use the same wording for a Boxer on another site. If they sell 2 or more breeds then something may be wrong.

3. Get their phone number and use this free site to do a reverse look up. If the phone number doesn’t match the area they claim to be from then it’s a scam.

4. You can look up their domain name and see who it’s registered to. If the contact info doesn’t match the dns look up then it’s most likely a scam. The domain will usually be in the same country. It doesn’t have to be local but it should be in the same country. It would be very unusual if it’s not. Just google DNS look up and you will find plenty of places to use.

With a little common sense and these tips you should never get scammed while trying to buy a puppy. Just be careful and apply these tips. Ask plenty of questions and never send cash or money orders to someone you do not know anything about. If all you can learn about them is from the ad, then you don’t know anything about them and you’re taking a huge gamble with your money.

Watch this video and see how this poor young girl was scammed out of 3,000 trying to buy a husky puppy.