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Husky Puppy

Marlee’s Husky Puppies 3 Weeks Old

Marlee’s puppies are doing great and they are 3 weeks old today. These husky puppies are playing and trying to eat with their mommy. Female 1           Female 2           Female 3           Female 4

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Pipers Husky Puppies 5 Weeks

Piper’s puppies will be ready to start going home on 1-20-18. You will have up to February 3rd to pick up your puppy. Please call to make arrangements before hand. Here are the new pictures. Female 1 Sold Marcus P.           Female 2

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Marlee’s Husky Puppies 2 Weeks Old

Marlee’s husky puppies come in all colors and they really are bright colors with the exception of the light red female. They are growing and doing great. Here are the new puppy pictures. Female 1           Female 2          

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Piper’s Siberian Husky Puppies 4 Weeks

These guys have really grown this past week. They are eating and playing and starting to really be active now. Female 1 Sold Marcus P.           Female 2 Sold Jason N.           Female 3 Sold Bailey F.    

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Adult Huskies For Sale

Update: Titan and Briggs have new homes! We have a male come back to us at a year old because the family was having hardships and wanted him to have a better life than what they were being able to provide. He is from Luna and Nick.

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Pipers Puppies 3 Weeks Old

Pipers puppies are just over 3 weeks old and they are doing great. Here are the latest pictures. Female 1           Female 2 Sold Jason N.           Female 3 Sold Bailey F.           Male 1

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Caprica’s HUsky Puppies 5 Weeks Old

Caprica’s puppies can start going home 1-6-18. Please make an appointment to pick up your puppy. We are still sorting out the list but will have it done this week. These are some pretty fur babies. Female 1 Sold Michael A.           Female

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Paisley’s Husky Puppies 5 Weeks Old

Paisley’s puppies are almost 6 weeks old but we have the latest pictures of them today. Female 1 Sold Shirley F.           Female 2 Sold Shawn D.           Male 1 Sold Michael C.           Male

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Caprica’s Husky Puppies 4 Weeks Old

Caprica’s puppies are doing great running around playing and barking. We will start making picks on these this week. Female 1           Female 2           Male 1           Male 2          

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Pipers Puppies 2 Weeks

Pipers husky puppies are a little over 2 weeks old. Sorry they are a few days late but Santa was coming to town you know 🙂 They are growing like a weed and everyone is doing great. Here are the new husky puppy pictures. Also note females

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