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husky pup

Husky Puppy

Jordan’s Husky puppies 2 weeks old

We have Jordan’s puppies officially numbered. They are getting fat and there eyes have opened. Female 1           Female 2 Sold Father John S.           Female 3 Sold Rebeca and Storm           Female 4  

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Adlynn’s HUsky Puppies 4 Weeks Old

These babies are doing great and eating really good too. Here are the new puppy pictures week 4 as time flies by. Female 1 Sold Mary P.           Female 2 Sold Kristi P.           Male 1 Sold Brittany A.

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Maples Husky Puppies At 1 Week

Maples puppies are doing great and we will officially number them next week. They are in the puppy nursery now. Females           Males           Husky puppies

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Jasmines Puppies 5 Weeks Old

These guys are monsters and weigh in around 8.5 pounds on the average. This is the last set of individual pictures we will post before they go home. Random videos or group pics may be posted at any time. These guys will be ready to start going

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Lexi Husky Puppies 3 Weeks Old

These guys are starting to play more and move around the kennel barking and talking now. They are 8 of them so they are starting out smaller than some litters that has 4 or 5 puppies in them. Don’t let that fool you as they will be

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Rylee’s Husky Puppies 4 Weeks Old

Rylee’s puppies are so friendly and they are running around the kennel barking and wagging their tails. Female 1 Sold Kaitlyn M.           Female 2 Sold Chanley W.           Female 3 Sold Victoria C.          

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Jordan’s HUsky Puppies 1 Week Old

It’s been a week already and Jordan’s puppies are doing great. here are the group pictures. Females           Male           Husky puppies

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Adlynn’s Husky Puppies 3 Weeks Old

Adlynn’s puppies are growing and doing great. We will be starting them on puppy gruel this week. We will be holding off on moving them to the puppy sheds until the hurricane passes us. We are expected to get high wind gusts so all the puppies from

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Lexi’s Puppies 2 Weeks Old

These guys are really starting to take off now at 2 weeks old. Female 1           Female 2           Female 3           Male 1           Male 2        

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Jasmines Boys Are 4 Weeks Old

These guys are fat and healthy as can be. They are eating well and playing hard. Male 1 Sold Bill A.           Male 2           Male 3 Sold Steve M.           Male 4 Sold Kristopher

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