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Puppy Health Guarantee

Bama Huskies is referred to in this contract as (seller) and Customer as (buyer). All puppies purchased from Bama Huskies are guaranteed to the best of our knowledge to be healthy. Health guarantee covers hip dysphasia, heart, lung, or liver problems that are genetic for 2 year.

Health Guarantee Exclusions:

Health guarantee excludes internal and external parasites, fertility issues, eye color changes, and communicable diseases such as Parvo. We do not guarantee size or coat color. Should a serious health problem be diagnosed during the buyers initial veterinarian check up, seller must be informed by phone within 48 hours of the diagnosis. We may require a second opinion from a licensed veterinarian and will require a copy of the documentation. The Puppy will only be replaced if both duly qualified veterinarians agree on a serious defect. We guarantee a replacement puppy equal to or of lesser value to the buyer but the original puppy must be returned to the seller at the buyers expense. If no puppy is available at that time seller will have 12 months to replace the puppy with another puppy. No refunds will be given nor will seller be responsible for any veterinarian bills.


Buyer also agrees not to hold seller liable for any actions taken by the puppy once buyer takes possession of the puppy. The buyer will assume full responsibility and liability of the puppy. Seller will not be liable for damages, actions of aggression, or injuries caused to any person by the puppy.

Buyers Requirements

Terms For Agreement

This contract is null and void if the above requirements are not met by the buyer. Any legal claims must be filed in Oneonta Al Jurisdiction and the buyer will be responsible for any legal fees incurred by seller. Buyer is responsible for reading and understanding all terms laid out in this agreement and by signing this document you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.
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