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husky puppies for sale Read what our previous customers had to say about us including our customer service and how well we took care of their needs. Customer service and quality puppies are what we are all about. We take great pride in our kennels and dogs. All reviews were submitted by the customers.




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by Angel Nicholson on Bama Huskies
My Akeila

I started researching husky breeders back in the fall & Bama huskies was the one that caught my attention. From day one Jim was very informative so we scheduled a time for me to come check out his kennels. I was so impressed with his setup & the way he cared for his animals that i paid him a deposit that day. He kept me up to date on any puppies he had to sell because i originally wanted a very specific color combination. He sent me a picture of Akeila & I just couldnt wait any longer because I immediately fell in love. I would highly, highly recommend Bama huskies if you are looking for a knowledgeable person who truly cares for this breed of dogs & all of his animals.

by Brandy on Bama Huskies
Very Pleased with my pup!

bamahuskies kept me very informed I waited a year before I picked my pup Argent. he is by far an exceptional breed of dog I recommend Huskies for anyone who has children they're very active dogs your children will be happy with a husky if they are very active.the facility was very clean and well-managed all dogs were healthy and big mr. Jim and his wife are very nice as well.They were always very prompt to keeping me informed on what was going on and even after we've gotten our pup they still help us if we have questions and believe me if you get a husky you will have questions and you need to ask your breeder they know what's best they raise them everyday. Thank you BamaHuskies for our Argent he is a very well-behaved pup.

by Betty and Marty on Bama Huskies

Bamahuskies has the best facility that we have seen. Very compassionate about all their babies. They take that extra step to make sure that all their babies are healthy, which is a blessing to them all. I thank the lord that we found them. We are also very thankful for the little one that we recieved. Maya is so beautiful and smart. We couldn't ask for a better baby. We will recommend Mr. Jimmy and his family to anyone and/or everyone that is looking to add a new addition to their family. Thank you again Bamahuskies for making us so happy to be her forever human parents. God bless yall and all ur beautiful babies. I love them all. Thanks again. Betty, Marty & Maya

by Elizabeth sansom on Bama Huskies

Bamahuskies has made our little family complete .... Thank you so much for our little boy koda december my boys love him so much..... Mr jim and his family are beyond wonderful .... Thank you bamahuskies we love our pup ... Very happy wife !!!

by Ryan Cruz on Bama Huskies

My wife and I were researching the best places to buy a husky within a 250-mile radius. After searching for a few days we found two breeders, Bama Huskies and another breeder in North Florida. We are definitely glad we chose Bama Huskies, Jim was super helpful with every step of the way, from inquires to before and after we got our boy Loki. When we took Loki to his first Vet appointment our Vet said, "the breeder you got your puppy from knows what he is doing, Loki is in great health!" Jim and his wife care deeply for every one of their puppies, I would definitely recommend Bama Huskies if you are looking for a great place to get a great puppy.

by Loki on Bama Huskies
Simply Amazing

I thank God for helping me find Bama Huskies.
Yesterday my husband and I went to collect our puppy from these amazing kennels and it has been the best 24 hours of my life. He is truly the light of our lives already and I know a lot of it is because of his amazing first few weeks of life being raised by Jim and his wife. I searched for many a months looking for the perfect place to find the newest member of our family and Bama Huskies is that place. After initial contact I set up a date to pay a visit to the kennels and Jim was simply great during the entire process. He answered any and all questions I had and some I hadn't even thought to ask. He showed me the wonderful new addition they are having built to make sure all their momma dogs and babies are as happy and comfortable as possible. The kennels were well organized, very clean and every pup I saw looked like they couldn't have been happier or healthier. After my tour I knew this was the place to get our new baby and the long wait began, but once again Jim did not disappoint. Jim kept me updated with current pictures on his website and the progress and health of the new puppy. I strongly recommend Bama Huskies and Jim to anyone that is in this for the long haul. The helpfulness and knowledge that this facility has to offer cannot be found anywhere else. Thank you Bama Huskies for this amazing experience, I look forward to sharing our new baby boy Loki's life with you.

by Rachel Stone on Bama Huskies
Wonderful experience and wonderful puppy

My husband has been wanting a husky for a while so I decided to surprise him for his birthday. I did tons of research on breeders in AL and found that Bama Huskies was by far the best! We not only got a precious girl from them but we got a wonderful bred female. They are willing to go above and beyond to help with any questions or concerns. We can't thank BamaHuskies enough!!!

by Cheri bills on Bama Huskies
Our puppy

We weren't sure if a husky was a good match for us. We went to Bama Huskies and they were very helpful. We just picked up our puppy and we love him. He has a wonderful temperament, so laid back. He takes everything in stride, from vacuums, door bells, company coming to met him. He tells us every time he has to go potty. It's been a wonderful experience dealing with Bama Huskies. We were so impressed with the way they take care of their dogs. We would recommend them to anyone.

by Joshua Moore on Bama Huskies

Amber and I are more than thrilled with our experience with BamaHuskies. Jim is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and went out of his way to accommodate a kennel tour for us, educate us, and provide us answers to all our questions. We took our new Husky puppy home this week and couldn't be happier with our decision to do business with BamaHuskies. We fully recommend them to anyone looking to add one of these beautiful dogs to their family, and we will definitely be back for future business with BamaHuskies.

by Tinamarie Ozee on Bama Huskies
The most wonderful puppies.

We did a search of several breeders and Bama Huskies shined brightly above the rest. They have a wonderful website and the kennels are the cleanest I have ever seen. The owners are very welcoming and friendly. All the dogs are very happy and friendly. We fell in love with our baby when we first saw that he was available and his personality is just perfect. I highly recommend Bama Huskies to anyone searching for a Siberian Husky. The owns are very forthcoming with any questions before and after you get your puppy.

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