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Getting Ready For Husky Puppies

Well September is finally here and we are getting ready for 2 litters of husky puppies. They won’t be born until October but they will be here before you know it. We are getting real excited to see the new puppies. I never get tired of husky puppies. We love raising them up and watching them as they develop their individual personalities. We always have at least one puppy that is more vocal than it’s siblings. One that gets into more stuff, and one that  wants the most  attention. Everything starts off slow but by week 2 we start seeing them play and those personalities start showing up.

Bella and Jordan are right on track and they both are doing well. They really like getting the extra attention that we give expecting moms. There diet changes are what they love most. We give our moms to be some tuna mixed in with their regular food and they like the vitamins as well. Here are a couple of pics I took today. Bella is still cooling off in here swimming pool and the 3 amigo’s are cuter than ever.

red and white husky in pool






The 3 Amigo’s are growing like a tree and still hogging the fan. I love raising husky puppies.

black and white husky puppies