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Our AKC Inspection Report

This has been a busy week not only looking after 32 husky puppies and 20 Adults but we also had to get ready for our AKC inspection. I am posting the report down below for all to see. We passed our inspection and have no deficiencies. We were acceptable in all categories.  This is one of the reasons why AKC is the best registry to register dogs with and all others can’t even compare. AKC inspects large kennels to make sure they meet a high standard. If you don’t you can be fined or you can be suspended from being able to register dogs with them. All our male dogs are DNA tested. Another requirement of AKC and a good one in my opinion. We are required to keep a lot of paperwork on our puppies, breeding, and adult dogs. Everything from health records to litter records.

The inspection consists of looking over our record keeping of the dogs, to inspecting our dogs, puppies, and our facilities including our playgrounds. Here is the report.

AKC inspection reportAKC inspection report









AKC inspection report. Huskies for sale.