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Sofie’s husky puppies 3 weeks old

Sofie’s husky puppies for sale are 3 weeks old today. They are doing great and have started to get into their mom’s food bowl so we will start them on puppy mash this week. They are playing with each other and starting to be aware of things around them. Male 5 is a very tiny husky puppy. I can’t promise but it looks like he may turn out to be a mini husky. He may not weight over 30 pounds fully grown but we can’t guarantee he will stay small. Right now, he weighs about 1 pound and 4 ounces. That is really small for a 3 week old husky puppy. He is cute as can be.

Female 1

Solid white husky puppy for sale


Male 1

Sable male husky puppy


Male 2

Sable male husky puppy


Male 3

Sable male husky puppy


Male 4 sold Kylon C.

Sable male husky puppy



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