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Why A Bama Husky?

Red and white husky puppyI get this question all the time. Well, usually a few times a week or a few times every day. There are lots of husky puppies for sale so why Bama Huskies? It really comes down to professional breeders vs amateur breeders and what is most important to you as a buyer. Many things go into a Bama Husky getting it growing and ready to go out and take on the world. We start out feeding all our dogs a top notch diet. Then we follow up with a good vitamin. We use Nuvet Vitamins and its for a good reason. It gives us results. Everything that goes into our dogs have a purpose. Our philosophy here is don’t put anything in a dog that is not healthy or not going to benefit the dogs health. Same is true with our puppies. We make our own custom puppy gruel here that has been tested  over a period of several years. It took quite a long time to find the formula that gave us the best results. In other words we do our own research and its all driven on results. It cost us thousands of dollars in development of just the right balance of goodies that make our puppy food really exceptional food. Only a professional kennel would have the time and money to do this. Back yard breeders are looking only to turn a quick buck so they can spend it on something else, not investing it back in the dogs as we do.


puppy nurseryWe could have easily just did what a lot of breeders do and water down some puppy food with hot water until it was soft and fed that to our puppies. It would be a balanced diet. We just felt like we could do so much more to help our puppies have the best start in life so we went to work experimenting with different things until we reached results that not only we could notice, but vets all over the country when they examined one of our puppies took notice as well. Everything starts with a good foundation. We have been successful because of hard work, dedication to detail, and the desire to be the best we can be. To be successful you can’t have shortcuts. Our puppy formula has probiotics and prebiotics as well as bovine colostrum (like mothers first milk) to build an efficient super charged immune system. Many things go into this formula for our puppies but we won’t be giving away all our secrets. A boosted immune system will respond to puppy shots better. It will help ward off diseases and help keep a puppy healthier. I know first hand because I am certified on nutritional influences on reproduction. I spend time getting educated on nutrition. Purina has spent time here at our kennels sending out their vets and dog dieticians to help us have the best food and given us expert advice suited for our breeding program. Then I put it into practice here at our kennels looking for the best results and outcomes possible. Everything starts in the gut. We realized this was the first advantage we could give our puppies starting out in life. They are babies and need the very best nutrition to grow up healthy.

The first things we worry about with our breeding program is quality of puppies and health of our pack. Money takes a backseat to these things. We don’t mind spending money on things that make our puppies better and keeps our pack happy and comfortable. If you put out a quality puppy and keep a good track record, everything else will take care of its self. The fact is we love our dogs dearly. We want the best for them and when they are not breeding, we want them to feel like they are family because they are. We dedicate 7 days a week and 365 days a year to our dogs. We rarely go on a trip but when we do I feel bad and worry about our pack. It’s hard not to be with them every day.

Health care center for puppiesWe have our on lab and healthcare center right here at the kennel. We pull fecal samples weekly from each litter of puppies until they go home checking for worms and parasites. All our puppies go home on a parasite preventive program developed by us. I can’t tell you when the last time I got a call from a customer who said their puppy went to the vet for the first check up and had some worms. We use different medicines and they are all top of the line and very expensive. Anyone selling a litter of puppies for 300 dollars have taken a lot of short cuts. They did not give their dog the best to help make sure the puppy you buy from them is the best it can be. That cheap price could turn into costly vet bills starting soon after you get the puppy home and could continue all it’s life. There would be no profit in it at that price if they put half as much as we do into the dogs they are breeding and the puppies they are selling. There is no perfect breeding program but I would hope most people would be looking to go with a breeding program with an excellent track record. I get calls all the time from people all over the country telling me they bought a husky from a back yard breeder and they wouldn’t stand by their health guarantee and replace a puppy that died from a genetic illness. If the cheapest price is all that matters to you then you won’t be our customer because you won’t see the value we are selling you. We don’t under sale what we do here at Bama Huskies.

husky puppy kennelsOur facilities are modern with metal insulated roofs for all our dogs. We have comfortable air conditioned buildings in the summer along with swamp coolers (water cooled air fans) through out the kennels to keep the air cooled down for all our dogs. Our puppy nurseries are climate controlled and we keep the temp around 72 degrees year around for our new born puppies. All our dogs are kelp up to date on all shots. If moms are not vaccinated against diseases then she will not produce colostrum that protects the puppies until their immune system kicks in, resulting in poor health and even death for a lot of the puppies being produced. There is no way you can tell if a breeder is keeping their dogs up to date on these vaccinations just by looking at the parent dogs.  You have to be given proof or take their word for it. This is where trusting a brand comes to play. We have no benefits to putting out puppies that are going to be sick. Our reputation is at stake. We keep up to date health records on all our dogs and you can view them when your here on a visit. We can also give plenty of references from several vets to hundreds of customers. Our dogs have a dedicated staff that works all day here caring for our dogs and puppies. This is not a part time job. This is all we do.


husky puppy kennelsWe start socializing our puppies at 2 weeks. We pick them up and get them use to human touching and petting. By 5 weeks they are running around in an exercise pen interacting with 30 adult huskies through the fence. They even get to socialize with our puppy litters that are around the same age. It’s very important to socialize puppies starting at a young age. This process continues until they go to their forever homes. It’s very important to keep exposing them to different things to build up their confidence as they grow. Part time breeders have other jobs so they don’t have the time to spend on socializing and taking care of the puppies like we do as a full time kennel. We give our customers a lifetime of support and advise any time they need it. In a worst case scenario we will take one of our dogs back. We do not want them in shelters or rescues. We have placed a few to a second home and have never had one come back a second time. We make a huge effort to get our dogs to good families. Our puppies depend on us to do that for them and we owe that to them. When you buy a Bama Husky you are not only getting a dog from a professional breeding program, but one that has over 22 years experience breeding dogs and improving everything from the breed to the environment in which they live and are raised. We also offer kennel service and your husky can stay with us while you go on vacation. Just another perk for our customers. We offer top notch customer service and we strive to make it a great experience when buying a husky puppy from us. You can also check out our reviews on Facebook or our website and Google. We look forward to helping you get your next fur baby.


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Bama Huskies working with Purina and Royal Canin for better nutrition for dogs.


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