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Adult Huskies For Sale

grey and white huskies for sale

Update: Titan and Briggs have new homes!

We have a male come back to us at a year old because the family was having hardships and wanted him to have a better life than what they were being able to provide. He is from Luna and Nick. His name is Titan. Titan has one blue eye and one brown eye. He grew up with children but not cats so he would not be a good fit for a home that has cats. He is house trained and will ring a bell on the door to go outside. He is not fixed. If you are interested in Titan give us a call at 205-237-4257 and we will discus it with you. Please no emails because we will have a lot to discuss and it takes way to long to go back and fourth with messages. Titan is the dog on the right in the picture.









Adult huskies for sale.