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Stud Service

We offer Siberian husky stud service from our Siberian Husky Nick and Blade. Nick is black and white with a long coat and blue eyes. Nick weights around 65 pounds and is AKC registered with champion bloodlines. Cost for service is 600.00 cash. We don’t take pick of litters as payment.


Siberian Husky Stud Service Our Sire Nick

black and white Siberian huskynick husky stud 1









Sire husky Blade

Siberian husky with a bonegrey and white Siberian husky







Blade is grey and white and weighs 55 pounds. Great temperament and well behaved. He gets along with all our other dogs and loves to hang out and take in all the attention you will give him. Blade is AKC registered.


Husky Sire Simba

Siberian huskyGrey and white Siberian husky








Simba’s color is grey and white and he weights 63 pounds.  He has a great temperament and just loves to cuddle. Simba is AKC registered.


Husky Sire Asante

Black and white male Siberian huskyblack and white Siberian husky









Asante is Black and white and weights 65 pounds. He has a great temperament and all around friendly.


Husky Sire Sky

red and white husky stud dogred and white husky stud dog







Sky is red and white and weights around 55 pounds. He is a friendly sweet boy.


Potential females breeding to our sires must be AKC registered and be healthy with up to date shots. Contact us for more information on how to arrange this service. You will need to have a copy of the Dames up to date shot records and pedigree. We will check them before we proceed with the breeding. Also note that you will have to bring your dame to our kennels for the breeding and leave her with us for a few days and then pick her up. We won’t meet to receive or return your dog. Under no circumstances will our Sires leave our kennels to meet and breed or be left at a different location. We have safe and secure kennels for breeding and housing your dog during the breeding process. Don’t worry, we will take good care of your baby and treat her like she is our own dog.