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Living A Husky Life

Siberian huskies are wonderful pets but like all things it comes with a price. To truly have a happy husky you should spend a lot of time each day to bond and play with your dog. It’s called living the husky life style. Exercise is key to […]

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The 3 Amigo’s

We have a clan around here at Bama Huskies that cause all kinds of trouble. We call them the 3 amigo’s. (Real names: Nala,Willow and Adlynn) They roam the kennel halls and the playground  aggravating any adult husky that get’s in their path. They are young and […]

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Blade And Bella Expecting Puppies

The breeding for our 2 pairs of huskies for the fall is over and now we wait on puppies to get here. Bella and Blade’s litter is expected to be due around October the 20th. That is just a guess as they could come a week earlier […]

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That Husky Does The Craziest Things

Most dogs do things that are funny or weird. Siberian huskies on the other hand go to the extreme sometimes and you just never know what to expect out of them next. If you want a dog with a stand out personality then a husky will be […]

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Bama Husky Kennel Tour 8-16-14

We had a wonderful family come visit our Siberian husky kennels today. The kids had a great time on the kennel tour meeting our adult huskies and playing with all the husky puppies we have around here. The dad said it has always been his dream dog. […]

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Husky Kennel update 8-15-2014

Been a busy week around the husky kennels this week. We have been doing a lot of work improving and maintaining the kennels. We are getting ready to add our new husky playground as well as our new office, welcoming center and healthcare facilities for the huskies. […]

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Husky Dog Blade Showing Out

Our male husky blade loves to show out for the girls around here. You ladies know how young guys act around you and are always looking to impress you. That is how you can describe Blade. The girls weren’t all that impressed and Rylee even showed him […]

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New Husky Puppy Pics

We are having plenty of warm weather around here this week. Our huskies have been having fun running around chasing each other. Jordan is coming into heat and so is Amber. Amber won’t be breeding this time around. If you live in Tennessee or Georgia we hope […]

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Siberian Huskies Update

Well the summer is just about over for 2014. Our huskies have enjoyed a cooler July this year. Its The start of the dog days here with August. We have a couple of birthdays coming up this month. Bella and I share the same birthday. August 16th […]

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Husky Puppies At Play

Benn a nice week around here for our husky puppies. Our husky puppies have been playing hard and enjoying the some what cooler days. Huskies play unusually rough with each other compared to other dogs. It can be alarming to see the hard and rough play some […]

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