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Bella’s Husky Puppies 2 Days Old

I took some more pics of Bella’s puppies this morning. I forgot to bring a marker with me to identify the 2 females in the pics but we will do that the next time and get better pictures. Today I just had to get them quick because […]

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Bella’s husky Puppy Litter

We are proud to announce Bella has 6 puppies! Born 10-20-14  so she hit her due date right on time. We started whelping puppies this morning at 1:00 am and finished about 8:10 am this morning. Wow, does she know how to start the day off early. […]

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Husky Puppy Birthday Week

That’s right, Jordan’s husky puppies are a week old today. Man does time fly or what? Maybe not for some of our husky parents to be but I tell you it goes fast around here. Just have to stay busy and not think about it. Ok let’s […]

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Husky Puppy Pics 10-13-14

Here are some new husky puppy pics from Jordan’s new puppy litter. They are growing like a weed and have nearly doubled in size. All the puppies are healthy and doing well. Jordan is a great mommy and doing well taking care of her babies. I was […]

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A Sneak Peek At Jordan’s New Husky Puppies

Good day everyone! Jordan had her puppies yesterday the 9th of October. I spent the whole day with Jordan while she had her puppies and we even squeezed in a kennel tour. The people on tour were able to look over the fence and see some husky […]

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Husky Puppies Soon To Come

Our first fall litters of husky puppies are soon to come. Jordan’s been moved to her special kennel so we can keep her separated from the other dogs and makes it easier to keep a watchful eye on her. She has access to run the back kennel […]

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Huskies Loving This Weather

It’s an active week around here at the kennels. The mornings have started off cool and our huskies have taken advantage of it with some hard playing. Some are still getting in the swimming pool. Last year we had to fence off the pool because some of […]

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Update on Husky Mommies

I just wanted to do a quick update on Jordan and Bella our 2 expecting moms. They are both doing well and have gained some healthy weight. Bella has really filled out this week. Jordan is getting close so we will be on puppy watch in just […]

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Can A Husky Live With A Cat?

We had a very nice couple come today for a kennel tour. What I really liked about them was they had been researching the husky breed and wanted more information directly from a breeder. They specifically asked about a husky living with a cat. That was important […]

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Husky Kennels 9-19-2014

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy week around here at the husky kennels. We are getting ready for a couple of puppy litters that are coming soon. That means extra work for me but the rest of the pack could care less as long as they get […]

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