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Will An Invisible Fence Work For A Husky?

We have potential customers call all the time wanting to get a Siberian husky puppy and telling us they have a huge yard and plan on using an invisible fence to keep the husky in the yard. Will an invisible fence work on a husky? That will […]

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Siberian Huskies Playing With Giggle Ball

We are always trying to find new things around here to keep our huskies active and exposing them to new things. My wife brought home a new toy last night called a giggle ball. It makes funky sounds when it’s rolled around. I thought it would be […]

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Comfort Food For The Huskies

We get emails all the time from husky owners asking if it normal for a husky to be a picky eater and stop eating his dog food after loving it for so long. The answer is yes. Huskies are notorious for being picky and going a couple […]

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Does A Siberian Husky Make A Good Guard Dog?

I get asked this question a lot. A Siberian husky is definitely a fierce looking dog. Those pointed ears that stand straight up and that wolfish look about them make them appear to be a dog you don’t want to mess with. In this case looks are […]

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Why You Should Micro-chip Your Husky Puppy

We micro-chip 99% of all our husky puppies before they go home. We don’t require it but you really should have it done. The extra cost is minor and the benefits are well worth the cost. We provide this service to all our customers to benefit them […]

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Can A Siberian Husky Live Comfortably In The South

I get emails all the time about people wanting to buy a Siberian husky but are not sure if they can live comfortably in the South. It is hot here but the answer is absolutely. There are a lot of huskies living and thriving in the South. […]

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Husky Puppy Jax Went Home Today

It’s been a long journey for our little white husky puppy Jax but today was the day for him to go to his forever home and be with his new family. Jax is special because he has the exact personality of Nick his daddy. He has really […]

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White Husky Puppy Jax

Jax a very beautiful white husky puppy will be leaving us soon. We have become really attached to him and he will be dearly missed. He has been hanging out with us until Christmas so he can surprise a very lucky family. He has really grown and […]

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Siberian Husky Kennel Update

Not a whole lot going on this week that would be different than the usual stuff around here. We still have 3 puppies staying with us hiding out until Christmas. One of bell’s husky puppies will be leaving us this Friday and going to his forever home […]

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Husky Puppies Christmas Video

Well the Christmas season is upon us. We took Jordan’s puppies and made this video for Christmas. It turned out to be a really cute video. I thought you guys would get a kick out of seeing your puppies star in a video even though they are […]

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