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Husky Puppies On The Playground

We got our husky puppies out on the playground for some fun with the agility tube. They had a ball learning to run through the tunnel and play with each other. We try to expose all our puppies to many different things before they go to their […]

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Adlynn’s Husky Puppy

Here is a new update on Adlynn’s husky puppy. He will be going to Anchorage Alaska in a few weeks to be a true snow dog. He is a top quality puppy and represents what we stride to breed here at our kennels.         […]

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Nala Puppy Update 5-18-15

Here are some new pics of Nala’s husky puppies. These are all sold. Male 1 Sold           Male 2 Sold           Male 3 Sold Jennie S           Female 1 Sold

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Chocolate Husky Male Puppies

Here is a video of Bella’s chocolate male and Nala’s chocolate male. Bella’s Chocolate male husky puppy Sold   Nala’s male chocolate husky puppy Sold  

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Husky Puppies 5-11-15

Here are the puppies we have left to pick from. These puppies are being picked by our customers on a waiting list and they are not available to the general public at this time. Should we have a puppy to go unpicked we will place it up […]

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Bella’s Puppies 5-3-15

Here are the new pictures from Bella’s husky puppies. Female 1                   Female 2 Sold Jessica T                   Male 1                   Male 2 […]

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Willow’s Husky Puppies 5-4-15

Here are Willows new husky puppy pics. This is the official numbering of the puppies and this post forward all puppies will keep this number when referring to them. Female 1 Sold Kara                   Female 2 sold Leisha K […]

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Nala’s Husky Puppies

This is the official numbering of the husky puppies. All puppies are wearing a number collar and this will not change from this post onward. Here are the new husky puppy pictures. It’s time to start picking puppies! Female 1 sold Kristin W         […]

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Nala’s New Puppy Pics

Here are Nala’s new husky puppy pics. Female           Male 1           Male 2           Male 3           We have husky puppies for sale in Alabama. Bama Huskies a Husky Breeder.

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New Willow Husky Puppy Pics

Here are the latest pics of Willows husky puppies. Female 1           Female 2           Female 3           Female 4           Female 5           Male 1   […]

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