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Update on Husky Mommies

I just wanted to do a quick update on Jordan and Bella our 2 expecting moms. They are both doing well and have gained some healthy weight. Bella has really filled out this week. Jordan is getting close so we will be on puppy watch in just […]

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Can A Husky Live With A Cat?

We had a very nice couple come today for a kennel tour. What I really liked about them was they had been researching the husky breed and wanted more information directly from a breeder. They specifically asked about a husky living with a cat. That was important […]

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Husky Kennels 9-19-2014

Hi everyone! It’s been a busy week around here at the husky kennels. We are getting ready for a couple of puppy litters that are coming soon. That means extra work for me but the rest of the pack could care less as long as they get […]

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A Previous Husky Puppy From Bama Huskies

We are very fortunate to have great customers who keep in touch with us. We contacted a previous customer yesterday about one of our black and white male puppies and he was so nice to send us some pics. Mack lives in Huntsville Alabama which is just […]

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Husky Expressions; It’s all About The face

We as humans constantly make facial expressions, and we don’t even think about it. Anyone will know if you are mad, happy, or sad in an instant just by the expressions you make. A Siberian husky is notorious for making all kinds of weird faces when getting […]

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Getting Ready For Husky Puppies

Well September is finally here and we are getting ready for 2 litters of husky puppies. They won’t be born until October but they will be here before you know it. We are getting real excited to see the new puppies. I never get tired of husky […]

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Living A Husky Life

Siberian huskies are wonderful pets but like all things it comes with a price. To truly have a happy husky you should spend a lot of time each day to bond and play with your dog. It’s called living the husky life style. Exercise is key to […]

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The 3 Amigo’s

We have a clan around here at Bama Huskies that cause all kinds of trouble. We call them the 3 amigo’s. (Real names: Nala,Willow and Adlynn) They roam the kennel halls and the playground  aggravating any adult husky that get’s in their path. They are young and […]

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Blade And Bella Expecting Puppies

The breeding for our 2 pairs of huskies for the fall is over and now we wait on puppies to get here. Bella and Blade’s litter is expected to be due around October the 20th. That is just a guess as they could come a week earlier […]

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That Husky Does The Craziest Things

Most dogs do things that are funny or weird. Siberian huskies on the other hand go to the extreme sometimes and you just never know what to expect out of them next. If you want a dog with a stand out personality then a husky will be […]

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